Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas and New Drawings

Christmas is now over and done with for another year! I always feel like it goes really quickly, so much preparation and then it's over in a second! Had a great few days with the family and friends and have had a nice break from work and college. Not long now until it will all be in full swing again and i'll be dreaming for the next break!

I completed a commission of a horse which was a Christmas present and i delivered this two days beforehand. The lady loved the drawing and i had also had it framed for an extra special touch which looked great. I was so pleased that she liked it as i know both the lady and the horse and i found it quite important to get it exactly right, but i was very pleased with the outcome. Here are a couple of pictures of that commission.

Coloured Pencil

Completed and Framed

So with Christmas over, it's time to move into the New Year with another drawing. This is one that i started some time ago, but due to commission work had to but on hold for a while. I am excited to finish this drawing now and will be getting onto this one next to try and complete as quickly as possible into the New Year.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil

I am really looking forward to completing lots more drawings in 2012 and hopefully having some more commission work to do, which i really enjoy! I'm sure i will also come up with a few New Year's resolutions also to try and improve my work and possibly get involved with other mediums. It will be a fun year for art!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Yesterday i finished another commission of a beautiful German Shepherd called Phoebe. I loved every minute of this drawing and had great reference photos which meant i could enjoy putting in as much detail as possible.

Coloured Pencil on Fabriano
Watercolour Paper

I have another piece to start now which i will post once i have completed it and sent it off to the owner! I am looking forward to the next piece and it's another large size drawing so it should be a nice one to do.

Can't believe it's only a couple of weeks until Christmas now, seems like this year has flown by. I am looking forward to the break to hopefully complete some unfinished drawings and get some new ones started, and possibly play with some different mediums and try and expand my range of drawing tools! In the meantime, i have Christmas dinners with friends coming up and a trip to Olympia which i am really looking forward to as i haven't been for years, so it's going to be a busy couple of weeks in the lead up to my favourite holiday!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Smiley & Ruddles Finished

Here is the finished drawing of Smiley and Ruddles. I am pleased with how the turned out, especially as the photos i was given weren't amazing quality, and enjoyed the challenge of drawing the four subjects on one piece. I am awaiting for confirmation that the drawing is okay and then it will be ready for signing to finish it completely.

Smiley and Ruddles
12"x18" Coloured Pencil on
Fabriano Watercolour Paper

I have another commission lined up now which is of a German Shepherd called Phoebe. This is going to be another 12" x 18" portrait with a smaller whole body picture added into the piece. It's going to be for a birthday present for the lady's husband and i am very excited about this one. She is a gorgeous dog and the photos i have been given to draw from are amazing quality which means i can really go to town with the detail and get all of her personality in the drawing.

Hopefully will be starting this one this week. I am going away for a week from Saturday and i'm hoping to take the drawing with me to keep going to make the deadline, don't think i'll have any problems spending hours and hours drawing her. So will hopefully have my first update of the new piece very soon!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Latest Commission

It's been a while since i've been able to post on here as i have been busy finishing college for the year and end of year exams make for very little drawing time! However, college is over until January now so i am in full drawing mode and have a commission on the go currently which i am about half way through.

This latest piece is of two terriers that unfortunately are no longer with us. The piece is of a portrait of each with a smaller full body drawing of each including on the same drawing. It's quite large at 12" x 18" and to date is the largest i have done. It's definitely a challenging piece being two very 'hairy type' dogs but i am enjoying it so far. I am using coloured pencil again for this piece on Fabriano paper.

Work in Progress

I am going to start on the second dog this afternoon and hopefully aim to have the entire drawing finished by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately i am still scanner iliterate and so have not managed to take any decent close up's of the small drawing, but hopefully will be able to do this at a later stage when i have got the second small drawing done (and i finally work out how to use the scanner!). Will aim to post another update when i have made progress on the second portrait in the centre in a couple of days.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Update on Race Horses

It's been a while again since my last post as i have been busy with college stuff, exams and eventing my horse - all of which will be coming to an end at the end of October when college finishes and the eventing season is over. I will be sad to finish eventing until March next year, however this will give me lots of time to draw and hopefully finish up all of the items on my list of things waiting to be done! I still have a few exams coming up so will still be busy fitting in studying along with everything else as well as my drawings.

On a horse related note, me and Glider came 3rd at an Intro Championships at the weekend which was amazing and has really made my year! He was absolutely fanstastic and couldn't have gone better, so i am very proud of him and eager to get to our next event next week which is a Regional Final qualifier and i am hoping our luck will continue to that event with us too. Fingers crossed!

So i managed to get some more of the race horses drawing this week and have another update. It's not a huge update, but i am taking my time over this one as i am enjoying it. This progress shot is at about 12 hours of drawing with lots still to do. I am hoping to try and continue drawing each night this week when i have some spare time. So hopefully i will have more progress updates to come this week.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil

Friday, 2 September 2011

New Drawing

I have been somewhat off the radar here for a while, been very busy with the horse and finishing up college stuff before the year is over, so haven't been doing as much drawing as i would like! However, i have started another drawing of a couple of racehorses. This is a slightly new type of drawing for me as recently i have stuck mainly with portrait stuff, however i wanted a challenge and something a little different. So it's about an A4 sized piece done in coloured pencil. Only in the early stages at the moment and this picture shown is of about 8 hours worth of work. Unfortunately not a brilliant scan and so will try and get a better one on the next update, it looks much glossier and less grainy on paper.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil

I have also got another commission lined up which i will be starting on this weekend, currently waiting for some new paper to arrive and so i am going to get the drawing done and ready to transfer onto the more quality paper when it arrives. It's going to be a big portrait piece of two terriers head and shoulders with a smaller full body drawing for each on around 12 x 16 sized paper. Looking forward to this larger drawing and hopefully the paper will come early next week so i can get started.

Will hopefully be working on the racehorses over the weekend so will try and post another update early next week.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Womble Finished

Last night, i ended up getting back early from a very successful evening jumping with Glider so i got onto finishing my drawing of Womble. Really pleased with how it turned out and i think i am going to get this one framed for the wall at home, something i haven't done with any of my drawings yet, so that's pretty exciting to be hopefully see it in our house on display at some point.

Thought i would post a picture of the final scan here now before the weekend.

Coloured Pencil on Pastel Paper
Emma Bingham 2011

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Update on Womble

I have been pretty busy lately with college, exams and the horse, so i haven't updated in a while. I have managed to do a bit more on my drawing of Womble although it's not finished yet. I am hoping after this weekend of college, i should have some more time to finish this one off and get my oil painting finished as well, which is still sitting on the easel waiting to be finished. I still haven't managed to get a picture of the latest stage of that one, however will try to get one this week to post.

So here is the latest stage of Womble. I am enjoying this drawing and considering it's my own pet (which i always think is really challenging as i always want them to be perfect!), i am actually quite happy with how it's turning out. I am really eager to get it finished now.

Work in Progress

The rest of this week is going to be pretty busy for me, taking Glider jumping tonight and XC schooling tomorrow early evening, then i am at college for 3 days over the weekend, so i probably wont find much time for drawing in all that. Although i might be able to squeeze a bit in on Thursday evening, fingers crossed! Hopefully be able to have a final update on this one by next week and hopefully another update on the oil painting.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Drawing Update

Had a quiet Saturday today, took Glider for a hack this morning then been drawing most of the afternoon. Seems as though this drawing isn't moving too quickly but i think it's due to the masses of colours in his coat, plus layering the texture takes a little while. I seem to be using my pencils through very quickly as the paper just eats them! Will possibly need some new additions to the set after this. Pleased with how it's going so far and i'm really keen to see it completed now.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil on Pastel Paper

Friday, 17 June 2011

Quiet Week and Two New Pieces

I have had a very quiet week, this week, mainly due to mum and dad being away. Haven't really been doing all that much other than relaxing as i am on my semester break from college. Work has also been quiet so it feels like the week has dragged on a bit during the day. The evenings have been going by so quickly though, as i have managed to start two new pieces this week since finishing the Golden Retriever drawing.

I am attempting my first ever oil painting and so have started that now, got the basic picture in and have put a background on. Very rough at this stage but mostly it's an experiment so i'm not expecting miracles. But i am pleased with the background so far, although i think i may have to change the colour slightly as it's quite bright, but then it may look different once the horse is painted in more. I have posted a first stage picture so far and i'm currently waiting for the first layer to dry. Checked it this morning and the outline of the horse is dry so i can probably get a first layer of undertone on there tonight for the horse's head.

Work in Progress
10 x 8 Oil on Canvas Board

This time i did manage to take the picture with a camera, mainly because of the fact that my phone seems to have developed a pink hue to it since doing an update on it last week, very annoying! Though, to be honest, the camera picture isn't that great either as it's too sensitive to the light and always needs a flash, and if i don't use the flash, it's blurry! Can't win really.

So whilst this is drying, i decided to get going on another drawing. This one is of my dog Womble, a very cute picture which i have been dying to draw since it was taken as it captures him perfectly. I decided to do another drawing on pastel paper with coloursoft pencils and some faber castell pencils also. So far i am pleased with it, it is slightly different to how i would normally do a drawing, mainly because the pencils are so soft and the paper has quite a lot of texture, but for his type of coat, i think the style should work quite well, so finger crossed it turns out. Here is a first stage scan of where i have got to so far. This is as true to real as i can get at this stage.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil on Pastel Paper

I will be working on these more over the week and hopefully will be able to add more stage photos on as they progress. It's meant to rain all weekend, so i am sure that will allow me many drawing hours to work on them!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Golden Retriever Pup Finished

So after quite a bit of time off from this drawing to do college and various things, i have finally managed to finish it and i am very happy with how it turned out. I am fairly sure i want to frame this one, as i think that will make it more of a feature. I haven't decided on a name for it yet, but i am glad to have it done so i can display the finished image.

Golden Retriever
Graphite on Fabriano
Watercolour Paper

Unfortunately i have been unable to get a good scan of this picture and so i have had to upload a picture from my phone so the original is slightly brighter, but for now it's as close as i can get. I am hopefully going to get all my pieces scanned properly which will help them look more true to life. Our scanner at work is a bit tricky to use and i'm never sure if i'm using it correctly.

Now with this one done, my next aim is to move onto a bit of dabbling with my oil paints which i am desperate to try. Having never used them before it should pose quite a challenge and i am currently working on trying to find the right reference photo to use, about which i am very picky! I am hoping that with a bit of time before i start back at college i can have a proper go and get something going and possibly even finished! Very exciting stuff. I am hoping to find my picture and get started tonight, but i am not sure if i will have anything to post just yet. Will hopefully be able to update later this week.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Update on the Golden Retriever

I have been so busy lately with college work and assignment deadlines etc that i haven't really had much time to draw so this piece has been taking a bit longer than normal. It's getting there though and i think there is probably another few hours work to go before it's finished.

Have put a couple of updates on here of the progress and now i am on my semester break from college, i should have more time to finish it. Final photo hopefully to come very soon!

Work in Progress

Monday, 9 May 2011

Golden Retriever Update

Managed to get quite a bit more done yesterday afternoon and have now got all the tones in for the face and nose/muzzle. It is starting to come together better now and looks more like it should do! Not sure how many hours more this one will need, but probably not so many as most of the really fiddly stuff done now. Once i have all the tones in on the whole piece, i will no doubt go over the whole drawing again to add in anything that i feel i've missed and darken any areas that need a fresh look. So here is the latest update and hopefully i will get to do some more tonight and have another update for tomorrow.

Work in Progress

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Quiet Sunday Drawing

Have had a fairly quiet weekend so far and have managed to get some more drawing done. About 12 hours on this drawing so far and it's still no where near completed, but i think it's going quite well. With all the tones i think it's just a slower going drawing, but i am still enjoying it, so just taking my time over it to make sure it comes out really well.

Work in Progress

Not sure what the plan is for the rest of the day as Glider is having a weekend off, so no riding until tomorrow again. Unless we decide to do something, i will no doubt carry on with the drawing. I am getting very inspired with my drawing recently and have also been getting more excited about learning more about photography to get some better pictures. Also plan to get involved with starting work with oils also, which i will probably try and move on to a bit when i complete this drawing. Would really like to try and create some larger paintings which i think would be quite fun. Hopefully not too difficult either!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Update on the Golden Retriever

Though i have had some time off work recently with the long bank holiday weekend, unfortunately i didn't get too much chance to do a lot of drawing which i would have like to do. I was studying all of Friday and Saturday for my practical exam on Saturday afternoon, which i was dreading. I am happy to say i've had confirmation today that i have passed but will not know my mark for a while yet. I am thrilled i passed though, as it was a slightly hairy situation for me to say the least! So with that over, i did the scoring with mum at the Hunter Trial at our yard on Sunday which was fun and also took Glider round the intermediate which he went round nicely but very spookily and they gave me a stop at the water as he was extremely hesitant and only clambered in over the log after many second of stepping from side to side. I was pleased he didn't turn away and went in, but i am now on a new mission to improve his confidence and get myself riding him a little more proactively. With another event on Friday, i don't have much time, but a friend is going to help me tomorrow evening and hopefully we can make a bit of progress before our event.

So with all that going on this weekend, i finally managed to settle down to some drawing yesterday. I am really enjoying doing this piece though it is somewhat slow going, i think mainly because i want to it be so perfect, so i am spending a lot of time on the shading and hair. Unfortunately the pictures never really show off the full detail as they are taken on my phone but i intend to try and get myself sorted out with a semi decent camera or scanner at some point.

Work in Progress
Golden Retriever in Graphite

I have also been experimenting a little bit recently with my dad's camera and he is giving me a bit of help to start with some photography to help me get my own reference material for more drawings. I think it will be a long process of experimenting, but i am quite willing to try and learn so that i can get some decent material.

I am planning to do more drawing this week when i can around preparing for Friday, then have a whole weekend off again so i'm sure i will be able to get lots more done then and hopefully get this piece finished.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Finally Another Update

I haven't managed to update on here for a little while as i was working on a commission that was a surprise and i am therefore unable to unveil that one. However, i have recently started another drawing which is another for my portfolio which i am quite excited about seeing finished. This is a graphite drawing of a Golden Retriever. I only just managed to start this one yesterday so am only a little way into it, about 5 hours work so far. The composition of the piece should be quite nice as i was to be able to capture the detail in his coat etc, a little more work will emphasise that more as at the moment, there isn't much coat covered with the pencil. Anyway here is the first stage picture drawn in so far.

Work in Progress
Graphite on Fabriano Artistico
Watercolour Paper

I am currently trying to revise for an exam that i have on Saturday and i am guessing that a lot of my spare time this week will be taken up with that, so i can't see too much drawing happening before Sunday this weekend. However, luckily for me, it's a bank holiday Monday next week so i will no doubt be drawing all day then to try and get some more done on this piece.

I am off to Milton Keynes tomorrow with the horse for another competition. I am hoping the ground wont be too hard as they have been watering the course, it would be great to be able to run as normal. My main aim for tomorrow will be to try and have a clear XC round and come home slightly happier that my last event which turned out to be a mini disaster, resulting with me not riding my best and having a couple of unfortunate stops. But, it was a big track and quite technical and when i finally did get my brain focussed on the job, Glider jumped brilliantly and flew over all of the bigger fences which i was very pleased with. So we have learnt from it, done a bit more schooling and jumping over the easter weekend and hopefully will be more prepared and in a better mind set tomorrow. I guess everyone has good and bad days and i am writing that weekend off as a bad one! Going to walk the course tonight so fingers crossed they have done a good job with the ground and we can run tomorrow.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Finished Commission

I have been very busy lately with the horse and doing a commission for someone which i didn't want to post until i had completed it as not to give anything away! Have recently been to another competition with Glider at which he was 2nd and i was over the moon with him. Have our next one a week tomorrow and i am busy trying to remember my dressage test and hopefully going XC schooling next week with Kate for some more preperation.

Have been doing a commission piece of a terrier which has gone well i think, i am very pleased with how it came out and i'm glad to say it was liked by the lady that asked me to do it. This is only the second piece i have drawn for someone else so i feel i am moving forward now with my drawing. I really enjoyed doing this piece as the dog was very cute and had a very cheeky little face which was fun to try and capture. I managed to take stage shots as i went along, however haven't managed to get a decent final scan yet but i think the photos show enough of the picture to get the idea of how it turned out.

Coloured Pencil on Fabriano
Artistico Watercolour Paper

Unfortunately the first stage picture was taken in evening light and so does not show the true colour of the paper and piece which is closer to the final image.

So with this piece finished, i am now looking for my inspriation for my next piece. I have a couple of other commissions possibly coming up which hopefully i can stuck into soon, but in the meantime i think some more shots of the horses at the yard will be required. Something a little different this time hopefully.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Finished Drawing

I finished the Dressage Horse drawing last night and i am really pleased with how it came out. Having not worked with coloured pencil on coloured paper before, i was pleased it went as well as it did. I definitely would like to do some more work on coloured paper in the future. I managed to get a decent scan of it today and so here is the final picture.

Currently Untitled
Coloured Pencil on Black
A4 Watercolour Paper 2011

I am about to get going on a commission piece next which i am quite excited about. The dog that is the subject of the piece is very cute and i think he will be a lot of fun to draw. Not sure what will be the next piece after that, but i have a couple of ideas lined up which will hopefully keep me busy.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Latest Drawing Update

Didn't have much time to work on the drawing over the weekend, had our first one day event of the season on Friday last week and we had a brilliant day. Had a 30.5 dressage and a double clear to finish 2nd in our section. I was very pleased with Glider and my friend Kate on her horse Robin did really well too with a good dressage and a double clear jumping. It was a very good day had by both of us and now i can't wait to get to the next one which is in a couple of weeks time. Have college this weekend, so i will be using every morning i can to practise my test and try and improve before the next one. Plus me and Kate are going to try and get out XC schooling next week which will be fun, lets just hope the weather holds out for us!

So here is the latest update on the dressage horse. I have finished the whole front of his head and bridle, other than the reins. I have started to move onto the neck now and so i'm starting to get towards finishing. Hopefully i can do some more tonight.

Dressage Horse on
Black WC Paper WIP

Will hopefully add another update tomorrow as i plan to try and do a bit more on this tonight if all goes well.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Triumphant Travelling and New Drawing

Me and mum took Glider out for another trip in the lorry today and we moved the second partition slightly closer to him, had him tied up with his haynet and i sat in the living away from him this time and he was brilliant. Even ate his hay this time. Stayed very relaxed and travelled on his own the whole time with no problems at all, i think he is starting to get his confidence back. So at least we can get to Aston on Friday now, hopefully after another journey out tomorrow, we might be able to get Robin in too for Kate!

Had a pretty fun schooling session with him today, he was very lively and slightly strong to begin with but soon got his head into work mode and did some lovely work. So i am hoping it will bode well for our test on Friday. Going to hopefully give him a little jump in the school tomorrow before we go on Friday as he will have Thursday off to save his energy, though these days he seems to be full of jumping beans, so may have more energy than i anticipate him having on Friday! Can't wait now, it's so close, bring on the season!

On the art front, i started another drawing yesterday. I thought i would go for something slightly different and do a bit of an experiment which seems to be going quite well so far. I decided to try using the coloured pencils on black watercolour paper. I am using a mixture of Faber Castell Polychromos and Derwent Coloursoft pencils, which both seem to be working quite well over the black paper. I am finding that i don't have to put too much light under the darker colours but with the coloursoft can just highlight over the top if i need to which creates quite a nice look. I'm aiming to be able to blend the really shaded areas of the horse into the background so it creates a real atmospheric look and makes the front of his face stand out more. So i have managed to do the whole of the front of his face so far, including his lower lip and chin and the nose band and brow band.

Coloured Pencil on Winsdor & Newton
Black Watercolour Paper WIP

I am planning to work on this some more tonight and will hopefully be able to take the next stage picture tomorrow morning when there is some daylight to use to take a better picture. I am quite excited to finish this piece now as it's different to anything i normally do and i'm hoping it will make quite an impact when it's complete.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Another Good Weekend

Managed to get a lot done on my drawing of Marble today. Not sure if i am going to leave it at this stage as finished, will have to have a think about it. I kind of like the fact that it's focussing on her face as she's so cute. I think it took around 10 hours to get to this stage and took a lot of concentration to get the colours right but i am pleased with how it came out and quite glad it went so well for my first cat drawing. So here are the latest stage images.

Coloured Pencil on
Windsor & Newton Bristol Board

On the riding front, i has a very successful XC schooling session on Glider this morning who was very lively to say the least. He seems to get more enthusiastic each time i jump him which is brilliant. He flew over the ditch again today and absolutely loves the water. Only five days left until our first event, i just really hope the rain stops so the ground has a few days to dry up a bit. We'll see what happens.

So hopefully i will find some more inspiration for another drawing tonight and hopefully get going on the next one, it will also give me time to think about whether i will leave the drawing of Marble as it is or add some more in. I am really enjoying using the FC Polychromos pencils, but think i will try a different paper soon as the Bristol Board is very smooth and i think i might need something with a little more tooth. Have to do some experimenting i think!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Horse Updates and New Drawing

After a whole week of putting Glider in the lorry everyday to try and get him travelling better again, we finally found a way to get him through a whole little trip out without too much drama...moving the partitions right out and holding him loose in the whole space of the horse area seems to work. He has amazing balance and so clearly it's the partitions on either side of him that seem to be causing the problem at the moment. So after two successful journeys with him stood like this and the second journey completely stress free, we are now making a step in the right direction. My intention is to continue with this for a few more sessions and then slowly move the partitions back together a bit at a time until we can get them back to a reasonably close distance apart again. He's so good and was very pleased with himself after the last successful journey!

So whilst that has been going on, i've been getting him ready for our first event of the season on the 4th March which i am very excited about. Been cantering through some very wet, muddy fields as i know the ground will be pretty mushy next week. He has been getting better and better with the ground as used to be quite slippy on any mud when i first had him. Seems to have grown into his feet a bit better now! Taking him onto the XC course for some schooling with Kate and Robin tomorrow hopefully which will be fun. Need to practice my test a few times then i think i'll be ready to go!

So on the drawing front, i have started a new drawing of our cat Marble which is fairly tricky. Probably the most difficult drawing i have done so far in terms of the colours and texture. She has quite long fur and she is a lovely tabby colour which is very hard to recreate, but it's a challenge and i'm enjoying it so far. I think this small section has taken me around 3 hours so far, so i think it will be a long one! I am already looking forward to finishing it and hoping it comes out as well as i am hoping it will. So i have posted below a picture of the first stage with a close up as well.

Marble Stage One
Coloured Pencil on
Windsor & Newton Bristol Board

Hopefully will have another update tomorrow as i'm planning to do a lot more work on this over the weekend. Will post the next stage when i have moved it on further.

Monday, 14 February 2011

German Shepherd Finished

The weekend went way too quickly as they always do. I had a jumping lesson planned with Glider yesterday but unfortunately didn't get there due to a small issue with Glider panicking himself in the lorry. We have had a couple of problems with him travelling in the last few weeks and thought we had managed to just about get past it, but unfortunately he is still not very confident and so we need to go back to basics with him and get his confidence back again in the old lorry and then in the new one. We are also having someone come to look at the new lorry to check that all the suspension and brakes are okay so it's as stable for him as it can be. With only three weeks to go until the eventing season starts, it's the last thing we need but it can't be helped. However, with him being placed 4th at his first show of the year last week i am still beaming from that and will do all i can to have him travelling well again in no time hopefully.

So after the drama of the morning yesterday, i got back to drawing and finished my latest drawing of the German Shepherd. I'm really pleased with the outcome despite a few reservations about the colours to begin with. I think it took around 10 hours in total but i really enjoyed working on it.

German Shepherd
Coloured Pencils on
Daler Rowney Cartridge Paper

I am hoping to start working on a new drawing tonight as i have a busy week ahead of me with lots of badminton, a cinema trip and then 3 days of college from Friday through to Sunday, so i want to make use of all the time i have spare to draw. I haven't decided what this will be yet but i will post an update as soon as i have started on it.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Productive Saturday

I managed to get some more drawing done today after i rode the horse this morning. I have been drawing pretty much solidly since about 11am this morning and it's now nearly 5pm. Sometimes, i just get into that mood where i feel really creative and it's the best time for me to draw as i know i can usually get quite a lot done. I wasn't really too sure about the colours on this drawing when i started it, but now that it's progressing it's coming together better i think. It looks better in the flesh as the pictures below are not brilliant quality. I am hoping that i might be able to have this one finished by the end of the weekend, but there is still quite a bit to do on the neck and small area of his back. I have managed to post a couple of stages this time as i took a picture before i got the muzzle done. Hopefully i will be able to post another stage tomorrow evening.

It's been quite interesting for me to do this drawing as the colours are so tricky to create. I think after this i am going to get some more pencils to add a new set of colours to my collection, somehow i think you can never have enough coloured pencils!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

2011 So Far and New Drawing

2011 for me so far has been extremely busy with my regular job and also busy for me with my horse, Glider, who I am currently getting fit and ready for the eventing season starting in March. It has also been a time for me to get stuck in with my art work and get some pieces completed and start showcasing my work. I have completed a few pieces this year already which I have posted on the separate Coloured Pencil and Graphite pages.

I started a new drawing on Monday of a German Shepherd which is currently a work in progress. I have managed to spend some time on him this week however, I was out all day yesterday with the horse competing and so I am hoping to get some more work done on it tonight. I am enjoying this piece so far as the light on the reference picture is very light and so the colours appearing on his fur is making for a very challenging piece.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil on
Daler Rowney Cartridge Paper

Hopefully I will be able to do some more work on this piece tonight and I will post the next stage update when I have it. I hope you enjoy browsing through my work and if anyone would like to contact me for more information on commission work, please contact me via email on