Monday, 9 May 2011

Golden Retriever Update

Managed to get quite a bit more done yesterday afternoon and have now got all the tones in for the face and nose/muzzle. It is starting to come together better now and looks more like it should do! Not sure how many hours more this one will need, but probably not so many as most of the really fiddly stuff done now. Once i have all the tones in on the whole piece, i will no doubt go over the whole drawing again to add in anything that i feel i've missed and darken any areas that need a fresh look. So here is the latest update and hopefully i will get to do some more tonight and have another update for tomorrow.

Work in Progress

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Quiet Sunday Drawing

Have had a fairly quiet weekend so far and have managed to get some more drawing done. About 12 hours on this drawing so far and it's still no where near completed, but i think it's going quite well. With all the tones i think it's just a slower going drawing, but i am still enjoying it, so just taking my time over it to make sure it comes out really well.

Work in Progress

Not sure what the plan is for the rest of the day as Glider is having a weekend off, so no riding until tomorrow again. Unless we decide to do something, i will no doubt carry on with the drawing. I am getting very inspired with my drawing recently and have also been getting more excited about learning more about photography to get some better pictures. Also plan to get involved with starting work with oils also, which i will probably try and move on to a bit when i complete this drawing. Would really like to try and create some larger paintings which i think would be quite fun. Hopefully not too difficult either!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Update on the Golden Retriever

Though i have had some time off work recently with the long bank holiday weekend, unfortunately i didn't get too much chance to do a lot of drawing which i would have like to do. I was studying all of Friday and Saturday for my practical exam on Saturday afternoon, which i was dreading. I am happy to say i've had confirmation today that i have passed but will not know my mark for a while yet. I am thrilled i passed though, as it was a slightly hairy situation for me to say the least! So with that over, i did the scoring with mum at the Hunter Trial at our yard on Sunday which was fun and also took Glider round the intermediate which he went round nicely but very spookily and they gave me a stop at the water as he was extremely hesitant and only clambered in over the log after many second of stepping from side to side. I was pleased he didn't turn away and went in, but i am now on a new mission to improve his confidence and get myself riding him a little more proactively. With another event on Friday, i don't have much time, but a friend is going to help me tomorrow evening and hopefully we can make a bit of progress before our event.

So with all that going on this weekend, i finally managed to settle down to some drawing yesterday. I am really enjoying doing this piece though it is somewhat slow going, i think mainly because i want to it be so perfect, so i am spending a lot of time on the shading and hair. Unfortunately the pictures never really show off the full detail as they are taken on my phone but i intend to try and get myself sorted out with a semi decent camera or scanner at some point.

Work in Progress
Golden Retriever in Graphite

I have also been experimenting a little bit recently with my dad's camera and he is giving me a bit of help to start with some photography to help me get my own reference material for more drawings. I think it will be a long process of experimenting, but i am quite willing to try and learn so that i can get some decent material.

I am planning to do more drawing this week when i can around preparing for Friday, then have a whole weekend off again so i'm sure i will be able to get lots more done then and hopefully get this piece finished.