Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Update on Race Horses

It's been a while again since my last post as i have been busy with college stuff, exams and eventing my horse - all of which will be coming to an end at the end of October when college finishes and the eventing season is over. I will be sad to finish eventing until March next year, however this will give me lots of time to draw and hopefully finish up all of the items on my list of things waiting to be done! I still have a few exams coming up so will still be busy fitting in studying along with everything else as well as my drawings.

On a horse related note, me and Glider came 3rd at an Intro Championships at the weekend which was amazing and has really made my year! He was absolutely fanstastic and couldn't have gone better, so i am very proud of him and eager to get to our next event next week which is a Regional Final qualifier and i am hoping our luck will continue to that event with us too. Fingers crossed!

So i managed to get some more of the race horses drawing this week and have another update. It's not a huge update, but i am taking my time over this one as i am enjoying it. This progress shot is at about 12 hours of drawing with lots still to do. I am hoping to try and continue drawing each night this week when i have some spare time. So hopefully i will have more progress updates to come this week.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil

Friday, 2 September 2011

New Drawing

I have been somewhat off the radar here for a while, been very busy with the horse and finishing up college stuff before the year is over, so haven't been doing as much drawing as i would like! However, i have started another drawing of a couple of racehorses. This is a slightly new type of drawing for me as recently i have stuck mainly with portrait stuff, however i wanted a challenge and something a little different. So it's about an A4 sized piece done in coloured pencil. Only in the early stages at the moment and this picture shown is of about 8 hours worth of work. Unfortunately not a brilliant scan and so will try and get a better one on the next update, it looks much glossier and less grainy on paper.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil

I have also got another commission lined up which i will be starting on this weekend, currently waiting for some new paper to arrive and so i am going to get the drawing done and ready to transfer onto the more quality paper when it arrives. It's going to be a big portrait piece of two terriers head and shoulders with a smaller full body drawing for each on around 12 x 16 sized paper. Looking forward to this larger drawing and hopefully the paper will come early next week so i can get started.

Will hopefully be working on the racehorses over the weekend so will try and post another update early next week.