Friday, 2 September 2011

New Drawing

I have been somewhat off the radar here for a while, been very busy with the horse and finishing up college stuff before the year is over, so haven't been doing as much drawing as i would like! However, i have started another drawing of a couple of racehorses. This is a slightly new type of drawing for me as recently i have stuck mainly with portrait stuff, however i wanted a challenge and something a little different. So it's about an A4 sized piece done in coloured pencil. Only in the early stages at the moment and this picture shown is of about 8 hours worth of work. Unfortunately not a brilliant scan and so will try and get a better one on the next update, it looks much glossier and less grainy on paper.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil

I have also got another commission lined up which i will be starting on this weekend, currently waiting for some new paper to arrive and so i am going to get the drawing done and ready to transfer onto the more quality paper when it arrives. It's going to be a big portrait piece of two terriers head and shoulders with a smaller full body drawing for each on around 12 x 16 sized paper. Looking forward to this larger drawing and hopefully the paper will come early next week so i can get started.

Will hopefully be working on the racehorses over the weekend so will try and post another update early next week.

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