Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Smiley & Ruddles Finished

Here is the finished drawing of Smiley and Ruddles. I am pleased with how the turned out, especially as the photos i was given weren't amazing quality, and enjoyed the challenge of drawing the four subjects on one piece. I am awaiting for confirmation that the drawing is okay and then it will be ready for signing to finish it completely.

Smiley and Ruddles
12"x18" Coloured Pencil on
Fabriano Watercolour Paper

I have another commission lined up now which is of a German Shepherd called Phoebe. This is going to be another 12" x 18" portrait with a smaller whole body picture added into the piece. It's going to be for a birthday present for the lady's husband and i am very excited about this one. She is a gorgeous dog and the photos i have been given to draw from are amazing quality which means i can really go to town with the detail and get all of her personality in the drawing.

Hopefully will be starting this one this week. I am going away for a week from Saturday and i'm hoping to take the drawing with me to keep going to make the deadline, don't think i'll have any problems spending hours and hours drawing her. So will hopefully have my first update of the new piece very soon!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Latest Commission

It's been a while since i've been able to post on here as i have been busy finishing college for the year and end of year exams make for very little drawing time! However, college is over until January now so i am in full drawing mode and have a commission on the go currently which i am about half way through.

This latest piece is of two terriers that unfortunately are no longer with us. The piece is of a portrait of each with a smaller full body drawing of each including on the same drawing. It's quite large at 12" x 18" and to date is the largest i have done. It's definitely a challenging piece being two very 'hairy type' dogs but i am enjoying it so far. I am using coloured pencil again for this piece on Fabriano paper.

Work in Progress

I am going to start on the second dog this afternoon and hopefully aim to have the entire drawing finished by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately i am still scanner iliterate and so have not managed to take any decent close up's of the small drawing, but hopefully will be able to do this at a later stage when i have got the second small drawing done (and i finally work out how to use the scanner!). Will aim to post another update when i have made progress on the second portrait in the centre in a couple of days.