Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas and New Drawings

Christmas is now over and done with for another year! I always feel like it goes really quickly, so much preparation and then it's over in a second! Had a great few days with the family and friends and have had a nice break from work and college. Not long now until it will all be in full swing again and i'll be dreaming for the next break!

I completed a commission of a horse which was a Christmas present and i delivered this two days beforehand. The lady loved the drawing and i had also had it framed for an extra special touch which looked great. I was so pleased that she liked it as i know both the lady and the horse and i found it quite important to get it exactly right, but i was very pleased with the outcome. Here are a couple of pictures of that commission.

Coloured Pencil

Completed and Framed

So with Christmas over, it's time to move into the New Year with another drawing. This is one that i started some time ago, but due to commission work had to but on hold for a while. I am excited to finish this drawing now and will be getting onto this one next to try and complete as quickly as possible into the New Year.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil

I am really looking forward to completing lots more drawings in 2012 and hopefully having some more commission work to do, which i really enjoy! I'm sure i will also come up with a few New Year's resolutions also to try and improve my work and possibly get involved with other mediums. It will be a fun year for art!

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  1. Such incredible work, amazing detail, I am sure your client was thrilled!