Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Finally Another Update

I haven't managed to update on here for a little while as i was working on a commission that was a surprise and i am therefore unable to unveil that one. However, i have recently started another drawing which is another for my portfolio which i am quite excited about seeing finished. This is a graphite drawing of a Golden Retriever. I only just managed to start this one yesterday so am only a little way into it, about 5 hours work so far. The composition of the piece should be quite nice as i was to be able to capture the detail in his coat etc, a little more work will emphasise that more as at the moment, there isn't much coat covered with the pencil. Anyway here is the first stage picture drawn in so far.

Work in Progress
Graphite on Fabriano Artistico
Watercolour Paper

I am currently trying to revise for an exam that i have on Saturday and i am guessing that a lot of my spare time this week will be taken up with that, so i can't see too much drawing happening before Sunday this weekend. However, luckily for me, it's a bank holiday Monday next week so i will no doubt be drawing all day then to try and get some more done on this piece.

I am off to Milton Keynes tomorrow with the horse for another competition. I am hoping the ground wont be too hard as they have been watering the course, it would be great to be able to run as normal. My main aim for tomorrow will be to try and have a clear XC round and come home slightly happier that my last event which turned out to be a mini disaster, resulting with me not riding my best and having a couple of unfortunate stops. But, it was a big track and quite technical and when i finally did get my brain focussed on the job, Glider jumped brilliantly and flew over all of the bigger fences which i was very pleased with. So we have learnt from it, done a bit more schooling and jumping over the easter weekend and hopefully will be more prepared and in a better mind set tomorrow. I guess everyone has good and bad days and i am writing that weekend off as a bad one! Going to walk the course tonight so fingers crossed they have done a good job with the ground and we can run tomorrow.

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