Friday, 17 June 2011

Quiet Week and Two New Pieces

I have had a very quiet week, this week, mainly due to mum and dad being away. Haven't really been doing all that much other than relaxing as i am on my semester break from college. Work has also been quiet so it feels like the week has dragged on a bit during the day. The evenings have been going by so quickly though, as i have managed to start two new pieces this week since finishing the Golden Retriever drawing.

I am attempting my first ever oil painting and so have started that now, got the basic picture in and have put a background on. Very rough at this stage but mostly it's an experiment so i'm not expecting miracles. But i am pleased with the background so far, although i think i may have to change the colour slightly as it's quite bright, but then it may look different once the horse is painted in more. I have posted a first stage picture so far and i'm currently waiting for the first layer to dry. Checked it this morning and the outline of the horse is dry so i can probably get a first layer of undertone on there tonight for the horse's head.

Work in Progress
10 x 8 Oil on Canvas Board

This time i did manage to take the picture with a camera, mainly because of the fact that my phone seems to have developed a pink hue to it since doing an update on it last week, very annoying! Though, to be honest, the camera picture isn't that great either as it's too sensitive to the light and always needs a flash, and if i don't use the flash, it's blurry! Can't win really.

So whilst this is drying, i decided to get going on another drawing. This one is of my dog Womble, a very cute picture which i have been dying to draw since it was taken as it captures him perfectly. I decided to do another drawing on pastel paper with coloursoft pencils and some faber castell pencils also. So far i am pleased with it, it is slightly different to how i would normally do a drawing, mainly because the pencils are so soft and the paper has quite a lot of texture, but for his type of coat, i think the style should work quite well, so finger crossed it turns out. Here is a first stage scan of where i have got to so far. This is as true to real as i can get at this stage.

Work in Progress
Coloured Pencil on Pastel Paper

I will be working on these more over the week and hopefully will be able to add more stage photos on as they progress. It's meant to rain all weekend, so i am sure that will allow me many drawing hours to work on them!

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