Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Update on Womble

I have been pretty busy lately with college, exams and the horse, so i haven't updated in a while. I have managed to do a bit more on my drawing of Womble although it's not finished yet. I am hoping after this weekend of college, i should have some more time to finish this one off and get my oil painting finished as well, which is still sitting on the easel waiting to be finished. I still haven't managed to get a picture of the latest stage of that one, however will try to get one this week to post.

So here is the latest stage of Womble. I am enjoying this drawing and considering it's my own pet (which i always think is really challenging as i always want them to be perfect!), i am actually quite happy with how it's turning out. I am really eager to get it finished now.

Work in Progress

The rest of this week is going to be pretty busy for me, taking Glider jumping tonight and XC schooling tomorrow early evening, then i am at college for 3 days over the weekend, so i probably wont find much time for drawing in all that. Although i might be able to squeeze a bit in on Thursday evening, fingers crossed! Hopefully be able to have a final update on this one by next week and hopefully another update on the oil painting.

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