Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Completed Portrait

I have now completed the portrait of Stevie which I am very happy with and I have had some lovely comments from a very happy client which I am very glad about. Always love to hear that my clients are happy with their portraits, that's a lot of the reason I enjoy drawing them so much! Thoroughly enjoyed this portrait, lovely to have another horse to draw. So here he is, the final photo of Stevie!

Coloured pencil on
Fabriano Watercolour Paper
Emma Bingham © 2014

On a slightly different note, I am currently looking at getting some quality prints taken from the 'Wild Hare' drawing which appears to be quite popular. Will hopefully have an update on that soon and will then be making the prints available for sale. I will post an update on this as soon as I have more news. I have commissions coming up and I am also working on a few more original pieces so hopefully I will have lots more to share with you all very soon!

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