Thursday, 23 January 2014

Drawing Updates and New Website!

So quite a few things have happened recently, I have finished my five year college course and qualified as a Chiropractor which is a huge achievement and I am very pleased to have completed the course. Life has therefore been very busy over the last few months hence the lack of updates on the drawing front.

However, drawings are back in full flow now and I have a couple of updates to share. Firstly, following my last post, the drawing of a hare, aptly named 'Wild Hare' is now complete. I am very pleased with how he turned out and has sparked a bit of an interest to do a few more wildlife based drawing in the future so watch this space for those. So here is the completed drawing.

'Wild Hare'
Emma Bingham © 2013

The current commission on my drawing board is of 'Stevie' the horse and he is at this stage almost complete. Another few hours work will hopefully see him finished. I have enjoyed this one as he is a beautiful horse and I do love drawing horses so it's been really fun and I will look forward to having him complete and ready to send off to his owner. So here is a nearly complete photo of 'Stevie' and hopefully another update will follow very soon.

Work in Progress
Emma Bingham © 2014

On another note, I have recently set up a website which is now online for you all to see. I have attached a link to the website from my Facebook page and the link is also shown below. So I hope you will all check it out and hope you like it!

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