Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Busy 2013 and New Drawings

So 2013 has been pretty busy for me so far as I am now in my final year at college with dissertations and all sorts going on, it's been quite hard keeping up with all my art and providing updates and things, however I am finally now getting back on track with everything.

Have just recently finished a commission piece which I will post as soon as I am able to. I also have a few more commissions coming up which I am hoping I will able be able to post updates for as I go along. The next two I have coming up are lovely horses which I am really looking forward to as I haven't drawn any horses in a while, so those should be fun.

I also have a few original pieces lined up to complete. I am going down a slightly different route with these and taking on some different animals which should be interesting and fun. My first new piece is a Hare which so far I am really enjoying. I have used coloured pastel paper for this one for a change and have gone with a slightly looser style which I feel suits the nature of the piece, so I am interested to see how it turns out and what people think of it when it's complete.

Started this one a couple of days ago but have made quite good progress already. It's about 8" x 11" in size on sage green paper. So here is the latest update on this drawing and I will have more very soon.

Work in Progress
Emma Bingham © 2013

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